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Principal’s message 2015

“Going beyond the camp” Hebrews 13:11-16

SealVerse 11: Burning of animal bodies – outside the camp

Verse 12: Jesus suffered outside the borders of the city to safe the people with his own blood.

Verse 13: He carried His burden outside the camp.

Quotations from the Old Testament:

1.   Moses

  • As a baby Moses was found in the Nile river in a basket because his mother wanted to save his life from the law that all boys must be killed.
  • He went to meet his Lord at a burning bush outside in the veld to receive his blessings, power, inspiration and orders.
  • He went onto the mountain to ask for god’s guidance because his people were suffering.
  • They went out of their comfort zone and blindly followed God, being guided by a cloud by day and fire by night.

2.   Abraham

  • He made offerings to God on Moria – outside of his camp.
  • He recived his blessings and protection from God outside of his camp.

3.  Joseph

  • He was deceived by his brother and was sent outside of his camp.
  • That’s where he received all his blessings, empowerment, wisdom, guidance and promotions.

Quotations from the New Testament

  • Jesus was born in a stable, without proper housing, outside his camp, away from the other people.
  • John 3:16 tells us that god saved the world with the birth of his only son Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus went out to see to deliver his messages to the people and to get his disciples.
  • The fisherman went out to see to catch fish and caught so much that the nets tore. They received their mercy outside the camp.
  • Jesus calmed the storm outside the camp.
  • The first multiplication of the bread and fish took place outside the camp.
  • The crucifixion of Christ took place away from his people and outside the camp.

All these readings proof to us that we, as Kronlein Primary School, have to go beyond the border to achieve our highest goals and receive our blessings. We need to outside the camp, but how?

  •  We have to reach out in order to broaden our horizon and our ideals.
  • Outside we’ll find new people, new ideas, new experiences, new blessings and new protections.
  • Use our top tens and the sport tours to reach out and go beyond the borders.
  • We must go out from our comfort zone and interact with other schools, sharing expertize and practice.
  • Reach out to the community and strengthen relationships through sport events and similar activities.

Let’s reach out more and more, go beyond the camp, and thus receive and experience our blessings!

Thank you

H. Coetzee